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A group adventure!
The Finlayson Area celebrates it's 200 yo. history in 2020. Unfold Finlayson is your ticket inside these architecturally unique, highly interesting and often bizarre venues. Gear up for a game of creative thinking and teamwork!

The city of Tampere was built around the factory in early the 1800s. It's the testing ground and birth place for many inventions among which are the country's first electric light, the biggest steam engine and an intricate sprinkler system that covers the whole area using only gravity.

During these two centuries it has seen a great number of visitors. Some parts of this vast complex have remained hidden though – right up until now...

This adventure is a mixture of innovative problem solving, fascinating places and beautiful views overlooking the city as well as Lake Näsijärvi. If you're looking for a memorable experience while in town – look no futher!
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There's still plenty of room in our calendar, but the sooner you book – the better your options are. The towers and underground tunnels await!
This unique group activity is a mix of adventure and inventive puzzles in a beautiful historical setting right in the heart of Tampere. Books yours now!
2-3 persons:
4–6 persons:
7–12 persons:
Over 12 people:
Our booking system offers a wide variety of payment options (Paytrail).

On location you can pay with common credit cards, exact change, Edenred and Smartum culture vouchers as well as Edenred and ePassi mobile payments.
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This adventure takes you into the area's iconic sprinkler tower as well as some deep underground tunnels in the Finlayson Area, as the underlying story gradually unfolds. Our keyholder will guide you throughout the journey, but some agility and a tolerance for a bit of grit is required!
90–120 min
high places
Season starts on 1.4.2021. Don't mind freezing weather? Book a winter game:
The group size is 2-6 people. Groups of 7–12 people are split into to groups that play simoultaneously. Groups larger than 12 are will embark 2 hours apart. We offer a variety of programming, top tier venues and catering as well. Get your quote:
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Frequently asked questions
The adventure takes place in the Finlayson area, right in the heart and center of the city of Tampere.

It consists of both outdoor- and indoor-venues within the old factory area.

There's a large parking garage right next to the main office, where the game begins (0–3 hours 3€/h · extra hours 2€/h).
We can't offer lockers or any type of safe room for your belongings at this time.

Backpacks and other fairly light carry-ons won't get in the way of you having a good game and there's plenty of opportunities to set them aside until you move again.
Our booking system offers a wide variety of payment options (Paytrail).

On location you can pay with common credit cards, exact change, Edenred and Smartum culture vouchers (not sport vouchers) as well as Edenred, Smartum, ePassi and Eazybreak mobile payments.
How to dress
You'll be spending time both indoors and out, so dress according to the weather.

Be advised that many of the venues can be dusty so don't put on your sunday best. You are responsible for your own garments!
Age and accessibility
The adventure is not explicit or physically very demanding, but there are steep ladders etc. and some of the puzzles may be a bit much for young children.

The game is not wheelchair accessible and does require basic mobility like crouching and climbing ladders.

The weight limit is 120 kg due to an old wooden stairway.
We always aim to reschedule rather than cancel completely. Please keep us informed as soon as any problems arise.

Cacellation 3 days before reservation is always free.

Less than 3 days – a new timeslot or 50% payment.

Less than 1 day - a new timeslot + 20% or 100 % payment.
The experience takes place in very old venues that are largely in their original state, so there will be steep and creaky stairways, dusty surfaces etc.
Photos & video
We encourage you to take photos and video since the venues are one-of-a-kind and beautiful in their own worn ways. You may even share your photos in social media as long as you don't share the solutions and use our hashtage #unfoldfinlayson
The letter
You'll recieve a letter some days before the adventure. It will give you a bit of background and set you in the right mindset for the game so please share it with your whole group!
info@unfold.fiFinlaysoninkatu 7 · 33210 Tampere · FINLAND